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Eco-friendly Roofs for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Alexander Williams/ April 16, 2018/ House Improvement/

What does a sustainable lifestyle mean? Do we need to change drastically in order to live in an eco-friendly way? Will our life be more difficult or easier if we are concerned with nature?

By the time we are trying to answer those two questions, it is quite often for us to feel helpless, especially knowing that most aspects of our life affect nature negatively. Households, for example, without proper insulation and weatherproofing, eighty percents of the electricity are used only to keep the room temperature stable. Imagine if hundreds of us ignore that fact, how much energy will we waste just to keep our rooms cold during summer, or warm during winter? Isn’t just too selfish?

In this writing, we are discussing specifically the most overlooked part of the house that holds the key to energy efficiency, the roofs. We will learn how contractors have been following the eco-friendly lifestyle and come up with their products and services, what materials are most beneficial to nature, and how a little do-it-yourself roofs maintenance can help your house retains its temperature at a comfortable level.

Energy-starred roofs contractors

energy starThere are reasons why working with a contractor is much safer and better than installing the roofs by yourself.

Green HousingNow that you know that the contractor you are working with practice eco-friendly principles, you can consult with them about the aesthetic impression of a particular material. Some architectural designs only match with one type of roofs, and some others might need a different treatment. There is no one type fits all, when we deal with house aesthetic.

Eco-friendly roof materials

shingleSome eco-friendly materials have been stated above, but here were are going to learn more in-depth about them. The first is that eco-friendly roofs are either made of recycled, or temperature-keeping materials.

Asphalt roofsBut one thing is for sure; asphalt shingles are known to block heat and retain temperature efficiently, but they are not environmentally friendly at all. Studies have found out that most broken asphalt shingles end up in landfills. And in the U.S. alone, there are around 10 million tons of asphalt shingle waste every year.

Metal roofs are eco-friendly because like stainless steel, metal roofs waste are all recyclable.

What you can do by yourself

DIYApplying water-repellent layer can increase the lifespan of the roofs, which can reduce the need for replacement, and thus save the energy to manufacture one. Painting the roofs with black colors during winter is also a smart way to maintain the heat inside the house. And changing the roof color into the brighter one during summer can deflect the UV and sun heat.

Attic insulation is also the second easy thing to do. Firstly, must check that there is no hole or crack in the attic. Even just a small gap can lead outside temperature to interfere with your house’s.…