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Roof Cleaning Methods for your Home

Bryan Lopez/ August 3, 2016/ Services/

Roof cleaning is one of the ways of improving the life and appearance of your roof. There are many roof cleaning methods offered by roof cleaning houston tx depending on your preference. There are many roof cleaning companies and before hiring one, make sure that you understand the method of cleaning they use. The best cleaning companies use eco-friendly cleaning methods also known as green cleaning.

This type of cleaning is one of the best keeping in mind that no toxins are introduced to the environment. Every roof cleaning company uses a unique cleaning method while some even the clients to choose the type of cleaning method that they prefer.

Types of roof cleaning methods

No-toxin and low pressure

This is one of the most expensiveesrewrwerwr methods of cleaning. The cleaning company uses environmentally friendly cleaning agents as opposed to using bleach which is common with roof cleaning. This method of cleaning is preferred by people who do not want to use pressure cleaning which may damage a sensitive roof.

It is also a no toxic cleaning method keeping in mind that the ingredients used a completely safe from toxins. The reason why this method is the most expensive is that of the high cost of non-toxic cleaning agents and also the very involving method of cleaning.

Bleach cleaning method

This is one of the most common methods of roof cleaning and especially in instances where you are dealing with tough stain. The agent using in bleach cleaning method is chlorine that is added to water to remove tough stains stuck on the roof. This method is used to treat mold and algae.

The advantage with this method is because it is not as expensive as the non-toxic method. Bleach cleaning method has its downsides due to the amount of toxins involved in the cleaning methods. The toxins might not be friendly especially if you have pets and your kids around.

High pressure cleandsfdsfdsfsing method

This is a common method of cleaning used by many cleaning companies as a roof cleaning method. Water is sprayed at a high pressure in an attempt to remove stains. There are no detergents that are used in the cleaning method because the high water pressure is enough to remove all the stains on the roof.

High-pressure cleaning is environmental friendly keeping in mind that there are no toxic chemicals that are added in the process of cleaning the roof. This method is effective in cleaning the roof effectively, removing stains and dealing with mold and algae that are common with many roofs.…