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A Review of Falcon Lightweight Folding 4 Wheel Rollator

Alexander Williams/ August 27, 2017/ Wheel Rollator/

The population of individuals who need walking aids and wheelchairs is growing each day all over the world, a phenomenon that has intensified the demand for such products. Currently, several walking aids and similar products such as rollators are available on the market to assist you with your walking needs.

Among these products is the Z-Tec Mobility Rollator known as the Falcon 4 Wheel lightweight, which is foldable rollator ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. For a comprehensive review on this wheel rollator visit Let us analyze it in details regarding its features, specification, price, warranty, and customer reviews among other benefits.



Manufactured by Z-Tec Mobility, the Falcon 4 wheel lightweight rollator is sturdy and light in weight. gghhhghghgIt overall weight is 5.5kg and is easy to fold allowing you to use it both while indoors or while traveling because it can fit well in the boot of a car or on public transport.

It has four wheels, which makes it stable and efficient whenever you use it. It comes in two favorite colors, that is, blue and red. It clips shut when you fold it, making it safe to travel with because it will remain folded while in transit.


The Falcon 4 wheel rollator has a maximum user weight of 112kg. The size of its width is 64cm, a height of between 78cm and 88cm, and a length of 72cm. Its seat height is about 56cm; wheel size is approximately 19cm, while its folded width is over 28cm. The code of this product is 130-4802, and it is VAT relief qualified.

Price and warranty

Falcon 4 wheel is featuring as one of the cheapest rollators in the market at only £84.99 (Excl.VAT) and £101.99 (Incl.VAT). It has a one-year free warranty in addition to 28 days of No Fuss returns.

Customer reviews

The best products are those with a high rating from the customers who have used them. Out of a score of five, Falcon received a review rating of 4.75 from 44 reviews. Moreover, over 95 percent of those who have used it recommended it as the best product. The remarks and feedback given by the users is a clear indication that Falcon 4 wheel is the greatest rollator on sale today on the market.

Delivery option

hghghghghgIt has a standard delivery mechanism with orders that are over £30.00 having free home delivery, which takes place within two working days from the order-request day.

The next day delivery option is available for only £7.49 while Saturday delivery goes for £12.00 only. To those in the UK, Falcon 4 wheel comes with free home delivery. Make an order today because it is available in stock.…