JacVapour Review And Their Top Brands

Alexander Williams/ January 20, 2018/ Uncategorized/

About the brand

JacVapour is a relatively new company that manufactures electronic cigarettes both in the UK and all over the world. It was started in 2010. It has gained popularity drastically courtesy of its high-end products. For its fans, they will never lack something to suit their preferences as it offers a big selection to choose from. The products are also said to be very user-friendly and of great satisfaction.

There are several starter kits provided by this company, and some of them are listed below:t2egdc6yed7u28i292o2

  • Jac Vapour Series-E aero kit
  • V1P PCC kit
  • Basic Electronic Cigarette Kit
  • Social Starter Kit
  • Jac Vapour series E aero kit

The E series kit has proved to have great quality batteries and a significant capacity. The company has made its performance far much better. The casing is made of stainless steel making it a solid and compact piece. Vapers who cherish style and durability will definitely pick this piece as their number one vaping set.

Jac vapour E- liquid

They will offer you an awesome selection of the liquids with a wide variety of flavors. Whatever your preference of nicotine is, they will have something to suit you. The nicotine level comes in 0mg, 6mg – low, 12mg – medium, 18mg – high and 24mg – high.

With eight different flavours to choose from, it may get difficult to choose since all seems too attractive. Once you walk to any Jac vapour retailing shop, you will hardly get out satisfied. They also offer empty cartridges if you have your refills.

The batteries

For at2wedrfe5dte6y27u282i92 vaper, good batteries are key. Jac vapour seems to know this secret too well. They have provided their vapers with a selection of choice regarding power, size, and colors. The most popular version is 65mm with 180 mAh. It will give you a superb 2hours vaping experience without disappointments. It will fit well into the set making it very portable. It’s younger and bigger brothers are also available.

Portable charging case (PCC)

Imagine going for a weekend get away to relax but you cannot vape through since your battery cannot hold a whole weekend. Now, with this set, you are all cool and set. It will fit the battery very well and start feeding it with power without much hustle. Most advisable is to include a second battery on the check out so that you can have one charging as you use the other.