Rice Purity Test

Rice Purity Test (3)

Understanding Test Results

That is, how to understand and interpret test results if you have already taken it.

If you have not, then a simple explanation of what the test is. The rice purity test is a basically a test of an individual’s purity, hence the name.

Basically, it tells you just how good or bad you are.

Of course, the terms purity as well as good and bad are highly subjective terms.

Based on the nature of the test, being pure means being not guilty of committing sexual acts, taking drugs and other acts that are against the law.

Rice Purity Test (2)To determine one’s purity, the test asks a series of questions.

The questions revolve around the topic of sex, drugs and crime. All of the questions are answerable by yes or no. If you have already taken the test or you are planning to in the future, then knowing the meaning of the scores will be of great use to you. Through the scores, you will know just how pure or impure you are.

But of course based on the creators of the test.

100 – 98

If you score anywhere between 100 and 98 then that means you are very pure.

You’ve probably have not done anything that is conceived by society as bad in your life.

97 to 94

A score between 97 to 94 means that you are still pure but is probably guilty of very minor misdemeanors such as kissing someone or holding someone’s hands without the knowledge of your parents.

93 to 77

If you receive a score between 93 and 77 then that means you are normal because within this range is the score that the average person receives.

It also means that you are not the purest person in the world but you are also not bad. Someone who has masturbated, for example, will have a score within this range.

76 to 45

If you receive a score between this range then that means you’ve had your fair share of committing illegal acts such as getting drunk even if you are just a minor or smoking marijuana.

44 to 9

People who get score within this range are already considered hardcore.

People who have been in jail would scores that fall within this range.

8 to 0

It extremely rare to meet people who have scores within this range.

Having a score between 8 and 0 means you have committed some really devious acts.

May this how to rice purity test article help you determine the meaning of your score.